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Massage Education


Anatomy / Kinesiology / Pathology


  Learn the body systems and their

functions to gain an understanding of 

the basic structure, functions, and 

pathological conditions of the body.

Study human movement (physical

activity) which plays a vital role in the

overall health and wellness of individuals 

and of society as a whole.


Modalities / Spa Treatments


Our massage therapy students have many

opportunities to learn a vast and diverse

number of the modalities of bodywork. It is

estimated there are 350 modalities of massage, 

in addition to the added spa treatments.


Business / Ethics / Law


Body Wellness Massage Therapy Academy

opens the rich history of massage ethics that

carries into your career. Education in

Arkansas rules, regulations, and business

principles will help in advancing your

career in Massage Therapy.

TUITION Expenditures & Class Schedule