Massage Education


Anatomy / Kinesiology / Pathology


  Learn the body systems and their

functions to gain an understanding of 

the basic structure, functions, and 

pathological conditions of the body.

Study human movement (physical

activity) which plays a vital role in the

overall health and wellness of individuals 

and of society as a whole.


Modalities / Spa Treatments


Our massage therapy students have many

opportunities to learn a vast and diverse

number of the modalities of bodywork. It is

estimated there are 350 modalities of massage, 

in addition to the added spa treatments.


Business / Ethics / Law


Body Wellness Massage Therapy Academy

opens the rich history of massage ethics that

carries into your career. Education in

Arkansas rules, regulations, and business

principles will help in advancing your

career in Massage Therapy.

TUITION Expenditures & Class Schedule

Our Educators

Education Director & Instructor


Donna McGriff, MTI  

Donna has devoted her life to assisting individuals in healing. As a Massage Therapy Instructor she has studied many techniques and modalities from traditional massage to energy work. Donna is a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor, Reiki Master-Teacher, Advanced IET Practitioner, Therapeutic Essential Oils Practitioner, Vibrational Therapist and Gem & Crystal Therapist. She has been appointed as a member of the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy by the Governor three times. Donna continues her devotion to holistic education for Massage Therapist and Healers. Donna founded Body Wellness, Inc. in 1992 and The Center for Wholeness and Health in 2004. Donna has been involved with assisting individuals in healing for 30 years and has been an Arkansas Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years. Donna currently maintains a private practice, teaches and facilitates educational seminars. 


Educational Background:

Pain in the Neck - Robert King Seminar

Introduction to Acupressure Therapy - Mara Lindstram

Myofascial Release Techniques - Hot Springs School of Therapy Technology

Advanced Massage Training - Hot Springs School of Therapy Technology

Advanced Techniques-Fibromyalgia Massage - Jean’s School of Therapy Technology

Spa Services Training - Aveda Spa Services

Structural Kinesiology - Barbara Morris - Body Wellness

Compassionate Care - Kathy Findley - Body Wellness 

Body Mobilization and Stretching - Donna Burr -Body Wellness

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology - Donna Burr - Body Wellness

Reiki Level I - Andrea Mikana-Pinkham - Body Wellness

Sports Massage - Barbara Morris - Body Wellness

Integrated Therapy - Dana Lockwood - Body Wellness

Nutrition - Cherry Nichols - Body Wellness

Reiki I and Reiki II - Catherine Crews -Body Wellness

Advanced Reiki - Catherine Crews - Body Wellness

Reiki Master - Catherine Crews - Body Wellness

Reiki Master/Teacher - Catherine Crews - Body Wellness

Introduction to Five Element Theory- Catherine Crews - Body Wellness 

Integrated Energy Therapy – Basic Level – Ann Heath - Body Wellness

Integrated Energy Therapy – Intermediate Level – Ann Heath - Body Wellness

Integrated Energy Therapy – Advanced Level – Ann Heath - Body Wellness

Young Living Essential Oils - Hands on Training – Denver

Advanced Applications of Essential Oils - Judy DeRuvo

The Aromatic Mind– Turner Bourne - Body Wellness

Aromatherapy 101 - West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, Inc.

Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy - Mya Breeman - Upledger Institute

Process Acupressure I: Essence – Catherine Crews - Process Acupressure Unlimited

Aromatic Archeology: Working with Ancient Oils – Turner Bourne - Integrated BodyMind 

BodyMind for the Massage Therapist – Turner Bourne - Integrated BodyMind Therapy

The LMT in a Clinical Setting– Dr. Beverly Foster, DC - American University 

Whiplash & Thoracic Outlet -Judith Hankins, MTI - Valley of Vapors School of Massage

Problems of the Upper Back-Judith Hankins, MTI - Valley of Vapors School of Massage

Trigger Points Plus - Susie Byrd, MTI - The Edge Schoof of Massage Therapy

Mechanical Vibratory Massage - Lin Long, MTI - Body Wellness

Soft Tissue Release for the client with Fibromyalgia - Susie Byrd, MTI -Edge Schoof of MT

Defrosting a Frozen Shoulder - Antonio Woodall - American University of Healing Arts

Chair Massage 101 - Susie Byrd, MTI - The Edge Schoof of Massage Therapy

Neck and Shoulders - Susie Byrd, MTI - The Edge Schoof of Massage Therapy

Electro Stimulation - Michael Clark - The Edge Schoof of Massage Therapy

SI Joint Disfunction & Low Back Pain - Gary Jones-Arkansas Medical Massage

Soma (Body) Tuner Course - Dr. Karen Kelly - Soma Energetics

Whiplash & Thoracic Outlet - Valley of Vapors School of Massage

Problems of the Upper Back - Valley of Vapors School of Massage

Soma (Body) Tuner Course - Soma Energetics - Dr. Karen Kelly 

The 42 pound Head and Cervical Neck Pain - Arkansas Medical Massage - Gary Jones

Conditions of the Lower Arm and Hand - Arkansas Medical Massage - Gary Jones

Shoulder Impingement - Arkansas Medical Massage - Gary Jones

Instructors on the Front Lines - ABMP

Ethics: Roles and Boundaries through the Chakras - Charlene Gaffney / NCTMB

Instructor & Master Massage Therapist


R. Michelle Christen, MMT, CMLDT


Michelle is a native of Conway, and is a graduate of The University of Central Arkansas holding a Bachelors in Business Administration. She is a graduate of Touching America School of Massage and is licensed as a Master Massage Therapist by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy. Michelle is a believer that education never stops; and therefore, she  is in constant pursuit of continuing education opportunities in advancement of her practice.  As such, she has also obtained her national CMLDT (Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist) in the Vodder technique through Klose Training.  This certification along with continuing education in oncology massage allows her to assist those suffering from cancer, effectively reduce traumatic and post-surgical edema, and can provide symptomatic relief of migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), stress, fatigue, .

As a therapist, Michelle is empathetic to  those dealing with the management of chronic pain syndromes and providing assistance in this area. Her neck and shoulder work have helped many of her clients with persistent headaches. She enjoys use of several modalities of massage, and believes that benefits of massages are far greater than relaxation alone. Michelle is an integrative bodyworker who intuitively uses a combination of modalities of massage to deliver very effective therapeutic massage. Some of her favorite practices are trigger point therapy, thai massage, sacred lomi lomi, and hot bamboo. She also enjoys the use of deep tissue, reflexology, hydrotherapy, cupping, gua sha, and aromatherapy.

Educational Background

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist - Klose Training Vodder Technique

Intro to Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Body Wellness Center

Introduction to Myofascial Massage - Body Wellness Center

Rain Drop Therapy - Body Wellness Center

Introduction to Cupping - Body Wellness Center

Massage Cupping/Medicupping - ACE Medicupping

Lomi Supine & Prone -  Greg Benefield, MTI

Pathologies for Massage Therapist ,- Tiffany Diaz, MMT

Ashiatsu  - Tiffany Diaz, MMT

Hot Bamboo Massage - Tiffany Diaz, MMT

Thai Massage - Robert Garner Wellness

Table Thai Massage - Rober Garner Wellness

Essential Oils -The Chemistry - Body Wellness Center

Reiki 1 & 2  - Body Wellness Center

Muscle Stim - David Clarke

Reiki I & II  - Body Wellness Center

Prenatal Massage, Pathology & Pregnancy - Krista Moore, MMT